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How much information do you need to state in your appeal letter?


I am getting different information. I have read that you need to just ask for an appeal hearing, " I disagree with your decision. I wish to appeal. thank you". An employee rights organization also told me the same thing. Don't say anything, just say you don't agree with decision and that you are appealing.

On your website i see you say to give specific reasons. Could you comment.

Thank you


Hi Anonymous,

I beg to differ with what you say I say:)

I may provide some suggestions for those certain of their position, but I never suggest anything more than outlining or highlighting the points you will PROVE at the hearing. And this is directed at those who have prepared for the event of unemployment with some documents and have outlined their case presentation well in advance of the appeal letter.

I mention this because there are a few states which require a bit more detailed appeal letters.

Colorado comes to mind. If you made a mistake when filing .. say you lost your job by way of a "quit in lieu of discharge" and when you filed you responded that you quit .. you then sent an appeal that said "I appeal" .. you should amend the appeal because you need to raise the issue of discharge or misconduct .. because that is what a quit in lieu of discharge is. CO also has some very specific issues on their hearing notices which actually may only cite the subsection of a statute.

This is also why I say it's important to read the states instructions on their websites.

In most states all you need to do is make sure they know who the letter is coming from and for what determination it's for and say "I appeal".

It'll get the job done, then you can get on with preparing for the hearing.

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