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How much notice is required of an appeals hearing?

by Connie
(Charlottesville, Va)

I received a notice in the mail on the afternoon of June 21st saying my ex-employer was appealing my right to benefits. The date listed for the hearing was August 8th. I also received at the same time (separate envelope) a notice saying my hearing had been rescheduled for June 30th! Giving me only 6 full business days to prepare! am I able to ask that it be postponed until I have all my documentation together? And will this look bad on me and hurt my case?

Hi Connie,

Usually, the time limit is relative to the date the notice is mailed and usually this time limit is 7 days.

You ought to try pulling a hearing together with 45 minutes of notice. It was a common thing when I had a job because often those notices sat around on someone's desk while they were on vacation.

First thing I did was look to see if I could find an excuse to request a postponement .. it usually wasn't there.

But since we've already communicated:) I know you're talking about a Virgina fact finder .. which is not a common practice among the states.

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