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how should i list this on the form to ensure i receive benefits??

by Hendrick Johnson
(chicago, illinois)

i was under investigation at my job in which my employer expressed to me that the investigation was taking too long and that they needed to fill my position. We agreed on a severance package due to the termination of my employment,and they promised that they wouldn't contest if I applied for unemployment benefits. To ensure I receive these benefits, what should i say was the cause of my termination?

You were fired, unless the employer gave you another option. Such as quitting in lieu of discharge and this is still being fired because there was nothing you could do to keep your job. In other words the employer ended the employment relationship.

If you need anymore help regarding your issue, please contact me via this page because there in no insurance you will get benefits, only best practices. If your employer signed an agreement that they will not protest your benefits .. the only person that will manage to disqualify you is you. If they merely "verbally promised" all bets are off.

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