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How to add weeks of work to receive unemployment benefits?

by Grandma Val
(Ohio Unemployment Benefits)

I'm writing this for my grandson who is in the process of receiving unemployment after a layoff.

He was working for a construction company and was layed off. Believing he would be called back, but needing to find another job so he could take care of his responsibilities in the interim, he found another position with another company and informed them that when he got called back, he would leave. This company was agreeable as it was a temporary position anyway. The construction company called him back so he informed them that he was leaving to return to the previous job. No problem since the company knew in advance. But, the unemployment agency is not adding the weeks he worked since they are claiming he quit.
Is there away around this that the few weeks he worked would be added to his employment record? Thanks


Answer For: How to add weeks of work to receive unemployment benefits?

Ohio does have one of the more difficult monetary requirements.

However, they are excluding those needed weeks because they are saying he voluntarily quit to accept other work and without good cause.

So as far as I can tell, that's the sticking point you have to overcome to free up those weeks of wages to monetarily requalify.

And that leads us to what if any valid grounds he'll need for the appeal.

If my interpretation of the situation is correct then I think you need to see table 5/2 first column and then read footnote 10 for Ohio's exception for quitting to accept other work.

Then you should take that information to the OH legal abstracts on unemployment and dig for a fuller explanation on the issue.

Grandma Chris:)

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