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How to present the closing argument?

How do you word the closing and what is the most important thing to point out at this time?

Really? This is your question?

If you are able to present your own case effectively and know what it is that should compel the hearing officer to find in your favor .. don't you think this should come pretty naturally to you also?

And what about what the other side has to say .. might that not also be relevant fodder for your closing argument?

As I've explained elsewhere on this website .. I was an appeal coordinator .. not a hearing rep. However, I, nor my rep gave a closing argument at my own hearing because pretty much everything that was important to know was already in the record by the end of the hearing .. including the employer's testimony that they "couldn't recall" me ever informing them about a diagnosed health problem, at least, not before the hearing.

I, on the other hand, had specific dates, names and notes made each time I spoke to them. That's what helped me recall precisely so I could testify about my efforts to preserve my job.

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