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how to report part time temp work?

by Diana
(FL Unemployment)


I have been claiming FL UE for 10 months, I can't believe this economy. I still have some benefits available.

I have accepted a part time temporary job from a private company that will last 4 months. The pay is WAY over the UE weekly compensation.

How does one go about working this with the unemployment office? Should you just STOP reporting and then reopen it in 4 months? Should you let them know that you have a temp job? What is the procedure?


Hi Diana,


That's exactly what I would do .. just stop reporting. The procedure to stop collecting is effortless, but starting back up is another matter.

Plus I see some things you might want to consider right now, so you can prepare for that moment 4 months away.

If the temp job is going to last for the next 4 months .. reopening probably won't be an option .. because you've been collecting for 10 months already .. I'd say your benefit year will end before the temp job is over.

Take a look at your claim. What's your BYE date?

Additionally, after 10 months of collecting .. I also know it's possible you are collecting on an extension of benefits. So when you file that new claim .. your weekly benefit amount will not be the same because they will be looking at wages in a whole new base period for the new claim.

So the question now is whether you'll even have enough wages to monetarily qualify and if so .. how much less your WBA would be.

For me though .. I would also be personally
speculating about how much longer extensions are going to last .. and a few other little anomalies of a system designed to get people off of benefits as quickly as possible so it doesn't collapse because it also failed to collect enough tax to fund the amount of benefits it's paid out of late .. and given that there is little new job creation on which new taxes can be collected .. the problem is only deepening.

Normally, a person collecting and that takes temp job, wouldn't want to have enough wages to qualify for a second benefit year because when the amount of wages earned from a temp job exceed the requirements to establish a "second and new benefit year" Your new weekly benefit amount will drop like a rock. That's what everyone is complaining about.

Nonetheless, the current federal extension is due to expire in December and personally, I don't think they will continue to extend .. because the feds are now borrowing to pay the extensions.

So, if you're going to be making a lot more than even FL's measly max benefit of 275 a week I say, count yourself lucky at this point .. because I think very soon, all the long term unemployed are about to be set adrift in a canoe with no paddles.

My advice .. take that temp job and be grateful (even though I don't trust temp employers to be fair when you try to open a new UI claim:) and start thinking about gainful permanent employment in low supply, high demand job markets or ways to supplement your income through self employment using your existing employment skills.


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Jul 19, 2011
Reopening after part time work
by: DS

11 months into receiving benefits I had a chance to obtain part time work 1 month at a time making way more than with UE. I thought that I would take the opportunity with the hope that it would turn into full time work or that I would be offered more work after 1 month.

I had it in the back of my mind that I could always go back on UE if it didn't work out.

If I had known the nightmare that occurred with UE because of this part time job I would have just sat tight until a golden opportunity came along.

So I take the job and 4 days later I get fired for unsatisfactory performance. I kept on claiming weeks and for that week I reported my income.

So the UE office cuts off all my benefits until they can perform a "review". So after 1 month I start calling the UE office who proceeds to tell me that someone else is on my claim since march and that persons income is being counted as income for me. So I tell them to take it off because its not me so they resolve that issue. Also, they have to verify with my most recent employer my cause of separation also they have to disqualify me from being able to claim on the most recent job because I didn't earn enough money. So finally, finally all the issues get resolved and after 2 months I get reinstated on UI.

Story over right?

Wrong...they start paying again one week at a time meanwhile I am continuously calling about the six weeks backpay that I am expecting. They keep telling me to wait. So today I call and I am told that the payment probably got lost.

Well it turns out that I rolled over into tier 2 and it has to be noted with the financial department that there is a new effective date for the back pay to be processed. So the guy on the phone tells me that he resubmitted the backpay "paperwork" and sent an email to the financial department to get me my check. So if I had kept waiting without asking questions I would never have been paid. I don't even know if I will get paid now. It has now been 2 and a half months. I have to be super vigilant!

Anyways all that to say if you have a chance at a paying job that will last go for it. But getting back on UE is a nightmare and all the same criteria apply as when you initially applied. It is just easier to try to qualify for a new claim.

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