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How will my unemployment be determined if I will be going from 35 hours salaried to 17-1/2 hours part-time hourly?

by Prudence
(New York)

My hours have been cut due to loss of funding. 17-1/2 hours equals more than two days. Would this be considered working three whole days? Preferably, I would like to spread my work week out to four days = 4.5 hours for three days; 4 hours one day but consider it two/three days. How should I present these hours to Unemployment when I apply the first week in January?


Before you do anything, you might want to read this page and then call the NYDOL for clarification and let me know what they tell you about choosing your days to work.

When I read it .. I see nothing but problems with what you are telling me you want to do.

Apparently, NY legislators must think all employers that choose or have to reduce work hours participate in the work share plan or short-time compensation benefits that they offer.

Or that section is just a poorly written interpretation of the difference between total and partial unemployment .. not sure.

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