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Husband relocating to Oregon. Can I receive unemployment?


Can I receive unemployment if I currently live in California and my husband just got a job in Oregon. We have both been looking for jobs in Oregon and he got one first. He will be moving to Oregon first and I will stay in California (to keep working) for a couple of months to save up before I quit my job to move up to Oregon with him. Will I be able to collect unemployment in Oregon for following my husband?

Please see the information California provides about quitting to follow a spouse. I suggest reading VQ 150 D and E, VQ 155 D.

There are things I know about and would also consider, that I didn't notice mentioned with the quick glance I took.

Whether your husband new job is a unilateral if he actually quit a job to take the new one.

And please do not underestimate what California always includes .. when someone quits for personally compelling reasons.

Investigating reasonable alternatives. This could be as simple as asking for a transfer if the company you work at has locations in Oregon.

You may think or know that seeking the alternatives is futile, but it doesn't matter .. do it anyway and make sure you have documentation of your efforts if you are truly concerned with trying to help with a smooth unemployment benefit process.

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