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I am a part-time employee in miami fl. I want to know whether i am eligible if i quit or am fired even though i only work 24 hours a week, making about $330.

by Anonymous

i have been working for this company for three years. also, my supervisor is mentally abusive and my coworkers and i suspect that she is also using drugs(cocaine) while she is at work but have no idea how to bring it up with our bosses since we can't really prove anything.

Hi Anonymous,

You have three separate issues here:

1. Part-time workers and are they eligible
2. Unemployment if you quit.
3. Unemployment if you are fired.

And how do you approach the bosses about an abusive boss you think is doing drugs.

1. You lucked out, Florida will allows for part-time workers to receive unemployment as long as they qualify monetarily and it is established that there is a history of part-time work...I'd say you fit the bill.

2. Not without talking to the bosses.

3. Who's going to fire you and for what?

You do not need to prove a thing to anyone. You need to raise the issue and let them do the investigating into your concerns and complaints. You said "our" bosses if there is more that one of you .. all the better.

If you want to see how much you'll get on unemployment click Monetary eligibility The formula for how much unemployment pays is there for each state. I estimate you'll get about $165 a week plus anything the feds might be kicking in.

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