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I am about to be fired (found out from a co-worker)...


Hello. I am in the state of NY and I work part time (20 hours/week). When I was hired 2 years ago my boss said that she had 15-20 hours available for me and that it would turn into full time. 2 years later I am lucky to squeeze an extra hour out of her per week. I recently started to look into getting my Real Estate License as something to do as a second job. I told my boss on Friday because I didn't want to leave her in the dark and wanted to let her know that I would only be available for up to 15 hours a week from now on and that for 3 weeks next month I will not be available while I take my classes. I told her that I would understand if that did not work for her, but that I did not want to quit. I even told her that if she needed something on a day that I was not in the office, she could call me. I am her only employee, her assistant. She told me that she did not want me to leave and that we would be able to work it out. We ended the convo with "I'll see you on Monday". My co-worker that I am friends with called me and said that she wanted to give me a heads up that she heard that I am being fired as soon as my boss can find someone to replace me. I have her password to the job site that the job posting that I was hired with is on and logged in as her and found the old posting with the job description on it stating that she was looking for someone for 15-20 hours, so technically my 15 hours is still within my job description. My co-worker also overheard her say that she will fight me for unemployment. What do you think?

Well, if I were you .. I'd make a copy of the job posting. The date would be important.

If she fires you because you are trying to get your RE license .. that wouldn't be misconduct, but if she's going to fight you for benefits .. you can bet your bottom dollar she'll probably hit it from a different direction .. at least if she wants to stand a fighting chance.

Document everything .. including any requests for time off that you might need .. and that you have no intention of quitting.

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