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I am actively looking for a job but I cannot find anything to apply to


I have been desperately looking for a job but cannot even find jobs to apply to. I have a masters degree and my field is in the social service field. These jobs have been cut dramatically. I am on the internet every night four or five hours a night not finding anything or seeing very low paying entry level jobs that are half my salary. I cannot afford to take a 1300.00 a month cut- I wouldn't be able to keep my health benefits etc...
I am concerned if EDD contacts me and I have nothing to show in terms of filling out applications or submiting resumes- there is nothing to submit to. I literally have not sent anything out in a month. Will I get in trouble? Any suggestions? I keep going on Caljobs (EDD requirement) and see the SAME three or four jobs listed in my field for the last three months that I am afraid to apply to because they look like scams- I am assuming other people are out with the same problem- any feedback how to handle this with EDD.

Hi Anonymous,

I'm simply going to direct you to the California Benefit Determination Guide I think you should read AA 5 and AA 195.

You have a master's .. I think you made the argument already .. that state personnel would use to deny you benefits for limiting or restricting yourself to a labor market which you claim has been dramatically cut.

Since you are in California, I wouldn't be as concerned about being offered a job at half your prior earnings .. just read about "suitable work" and what constitutes it. At least you might have a leg to stand on.

By the way, how many jobs a week does CA require you to apply for ?

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Sep 20, 2009
I forgot to mention
by: Anonymous

I am not require to apply to a certain number of jobs at Caljobs- I only need to register.

Sep 20, 2009
thanks for response
by: Anonymous

Hello Chris,

I appreciate your feedback. I will read the information you have directed me to, but i didnt understand what you meant about my masters degree.(it is specialized degree working with disabled - 15yearsin the field) And did you mean I would loose my benefits because i havent been able to find jobs to apply to? I think you are saying I would be in trouble. Does that mean I would not get benefits because I have not applied to a job? ( I am waiting for an appeal). So I should be applying to jobs half my wage? Maybe i should apply to any jobs even if i dont qualify for? I will definitely read the information you referred me to. thanks soooo much for your help. I am definitely lost and frustrated with my job search.

PS. I mentioned my masters degree to explain why my wage is higher not that i will only consider jobs that require a masters degree-if this helps.


No. I just didn't explain well. Let me try again.

It's just that if you read that information I directed you to, there is language which suggests that limiting your search to a labor market which you said has suffered greatly and there are few job available in that labor market might require you to "think of other types of fields" your degrees would be qualifications that would enable you to look for jobs "outside" your specific field.

Limiting your search only to your specific field may be seen as an unreasonable limitation .. if there are no jobs to be had.

As far as applying for jobs .. I did not know whether California required a certain number. States handle this part of the process differently too.

Some require claimants to report to the employment office every two weeks, other require a minimum amount of verifiable applications .. other simply look at your availability.

What kind of appeal??

I don't think your job search would be an issue unless it is your availability for work that is the issue of the appeal.

Like I said, you should also read the sections that describe what "suitable work" is. I do not believe that CA places requirements after a certain number of weeks on UI .. such as Maine. After 12 weeks, at least as far as I can ascertain from their statues, any work becomes suitable irregardless of prior training, experience, or pay.

Georgia considers anything that pays at least .. (I need to gualify this info as I THINK) 70 percent of your former wages is suitable.

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