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I am being asked to repay to the Unemployment Agency what they paid me for 6 months

I was fired in Feb of 2008 by my employer. I applied for unemployment in Florida and it was approved. After 6 months of receiving benefits the employer appealed.

We had a phone hearing and of course the employer (Who obviously had HR people and who knew how to deal exactly with laws) won the case.

So, after 6 months of receiving the benefits they asked me to pay it back.

They gave me 20 days to appeal but it was impossible to do so on their web, phone or address because they never provided me with any contact information (Their phone lines were always busy)

When I finally made the appeal it was past the 20 days, and they told me the decision was the final one.

So, I have not been able to appeal, or contact a lawyer for advisement. My "debt" is now owned by a collection agency and this has affected my credit record.

Do I have a chance of appealing this with anyone? Could a lawyer still help me? I was with no job for over 8 months. How could I repay this money? It will be impossible!

Thank you.

The number one, most important piece of advice I have about appealing a denial of unemployment benefits, or an overpayment is MAKE SURE IT'S TIMELY

And it wouldn't hurt to actually know the reason you were late might be considered good cause for a late appeal.

However, having said this, you didn't provide any information which I was inclined to grab onto as possible good cause.

A determination, or hearing decision which both reference overpayments .. gives you the information you need to know if you don't appeal you're basically screwed

But stuff happens and when it is reasonably, thought to be beyond your control, you may have good cause for a late appeal. ..

So, the lack of phone numbers, fax numbers, addresses, or anyone at the state not answering the phone .. doesn't carry much weight for me.

Because there's always some instruction to be found somewhere.. Especially, if you kn0ow where to look for the official answers.

Need to file a Florida unemployment appeal?

There are few good cause excuses, not to get appeals in on time and fewer still not to keep proof of why you didn't, or that you did get it in on time.


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Dec 29, 2012
Over payment but was unemployed just lost work search form n are bein crusdified for it
by: Anonymous

I have to repay $2500 for overpayment becuz I lost 2 of my work search forms but I was unemployed n now I have to repay all this $ I don't have and if any 1 nose that it's them so wat do u do if u lost sum paperwork I guess it's like u weren't even unemployed n their eyes that's crazy so if any one can help me please help that's a stiff penalty for just loosen a couple peices of paper that I did fill out n was unemployed that's sum real bs

Listen, I can sympathize with anyone having to repay benefits because they "lost" their job search logs. However, the problem goes back to the same reason people are denied benefits from the gitgo.

Lack of documentation to prove actions.

To those only paying attention to the UI laws and instructions in claimant handbooks.. it's understanding that some state's actually require this evidence to prove you were able and available for suitable work and complied with the provision that also requires all benefit recipients to log their job search.

To my way of thinking, losing a job search record and knowing that many states conduct random audits on job searches to prevent fraud, is tantamount to misplacing thousand of dollars.

I happen to guard my money as if I needed it to live .. and that would include any paperwork I was informed I'd need to keep it.

It might really be a bunch of BS for you, but then I'd of have to of been born yesterday to believe that everyone collecting benefits .. actually looks for work as required.

Oct 16, 2010
I need help
by: Anonymous

I am being asked to repay the unemployment benefits I received for 4 weeks (I found a job quick). They say I was disqualified the day I stopped working for my previous employer, but the only reason I quit was because he had cut my hours to less than 30 a week and I could not support my family, so when I was called by another company I left my previous employer (who had told me to find another job if I could cause he could not afford me fultime any longer) I worked with the new company for 2 months when they laid me off, this is when I filed for unemployment.

When I got the first letter saying I had been disqualified and needed to pay the money back or appeal within 15 days, I sent in for an appeal (within this TIME) I have not had ANY hearings at all... I contacted a lawyer who said I'd receive a hearing date within the next 2 months. That was in June 2010, now it is October 2010 and I just received a "final notice" that I must pay back immediately but never got a hearing. I have proof my appeal was sent in timely matter (I mailed it and sent it certified). What should I do. I have 1 month to pay them and the letter say not to call to dispute because my time has run out. What can I do? They never gave me a chance to have a fair hearing at all.

You can "prove" you sent the appeal timely, correct? Follow up.

Sep 09, 2010
Help Again
by: Anonymous

Thank you for your response. I live in Florida.

I received this benefits in 2008, and yes. After 6 months the employer appealed and I went to the hearing which I lost.

I missed the deadline to appeal after the employeer won the hearing. Then I went to lawyer seeking advise, and she said that there was nothing that a lawyer could do.

Should I go to a different lawyer? My big issue is why am I being asked to pay the money back if it was first approved and missed the appeal. What should I do?


First, you're being asked to pay it back because this is how unemployment works.

If you had initially been denied benefits and appealed and won .. you would have received backpay for each week you had continued to file although not receiving benefits.

I think looking for another lawyer would be a wast of time .. work out a payment arrangement to pay back the benefits.

The problem is that you did not file a timely appeal and the excuse you provided to me .. something about not being able to do it on the web .. it's inadequate to say the least.

I concur with the lawyer .. you're cooked.

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