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I am being forced to leave my job due to my home being foreclosed upon.

by Debora
(West Palm Beach, FL)

I am being forced to leave my job due to my home being foreclosed upon. I will have to leave Florida as I cannot afford an apt. on my own and my credit is now hurt with the foreclosure . Am I eligible for unemployment while I seek employment in a new state ?

I will have to live with a relative for the time being. I am moving to North Carolina. Does the fact that they are reciprocal in other matters count for anything ?


As far as I know .. Florida does not have a provision for the reason you are quitting.

And since they do require a quit be attributable to the work .. it would require a provision which makes an exception for specific personal reasons to quit a job.

I've maintained steady employment here for over 30 years. I claimed unemplyment once - for 3 months only.

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Exception to the rule
by: Deb

So...does that mean I need to call them and ask if it is possible or - does your answer mean you've never heard of anything that has pertained to this before ?

Either way, I guess you'll find me on the corner with a " Will work for Food " sign...

Hi Deb,

I guess I wasn't direct enough. Per Florida unemployment rules a voluntary quit must be attributable to the work. In the case where a voluntary quit is for "personal reasons" such as yours .. the exceptions to the rule will be found in provisions in the Florida statutes which create an exception.

You quitting a job in Florida is subject to the same rules as anyone quitting a job in Florida.

I continue to emphasize to people that a situation needs to be looked at objectively and evaluated for the possibility that a quitting may "become" attributable to the work.

So Deb, if I tell you that the information you tell me .. makes me think you trying to scale a sheer rock wall with no hand or footholds .. why aren't you examining your situation for a flight of stairs?

Stop looking at your personal need to quit .. because it is disqualifying and start looking at the reasons attributable to the employment you have to quit the job.

You have to keep in mind that quitting hands you the burden to prove not only "attributable to the work", but "efforts to preserve the employment".

A request for a personal leave of absence maybe??? A transfer, maybe?????

If you are unwilling to expand your thoughts beyond your own subjective situation to include an objective evaluation of the legal burden you will have .. then the only thing you have left to prepare .. is the cardboard sign.

So, aside from the statutes .. try for legal research or call a Florida unemployment appeal office and ask where you can find their "unemployment precedent decisions on all reasons for voluntary quitting.

forclosed home constitute personal reason to collect
by: cindy

Live in nk moving to.a afordable part of nj...88.9 miles away. Looks as of no transfers availabe. Can i collect when house is taken and have to move????


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