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I am collect unemployment, work part time and go to school full time?

by Leanne
(Costa Mesa, CA, Orange)

I was laid off this month. I will be receiving $404 a week from UI. I was starting the process to go back to school before I was laid off. I would like to attend school full time if possible. I have also been offered a job making $15hr 24 hours a week. Am I able to go to school full time work part time and collect partial benefits?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks so much for the help.

Hi Leanne,

Your particular situation does present a problem, unless the 404 dollars is based on part-time employment .. and then their may be an exception for you.

The section of the California eligibility guide you need to read is "Able and Available with special attention given to sections AA10 and AA40. If your benefits are based on full-time employment, I think you'll see the problem you would face that will make you ineligible.

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