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i am currently collecting unemployment i just got a job but its only sixty dollars a week can i still collect

by Jill
(Scranton PA)

I am Currently collecting unemployment in the amout of 694.00 every two weeks. i just got a job but it only pays 50.00 a week can i still collect my unemployment.

Hi Jill,

I have to make an assumption to answer your question.

And since I feel pretty safe about assuming you won't be working full-time for the money .. yes you would still be able to collect unemployment.

You just have to report what you earned in the week you're filing for. You do not wait until you're paid to report the money .. you report it when you work.

PA will perform their "partial unemployment formula and determine how much you will get.

Given the amount of your weekly benefit amount and the fact that all states first disregard a certain amount of earnings before reducing the benefit amount .. I'd say you probably wouldn't see a reduction.

If you're interested in the partial unemployment benefit formula the page I wrote about unemployment pay has the USDOL resource with the formulas for all states.

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