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I am currently receiving Unemployment but was told I had to take a job if offered to me - I worked one week I am not telemarketer material

by Jodi

Hi I have been on unemployment since roughly June 2010 after three years of employment with a Dentist. I am in the state of Ohio I have been following all the job and family services requirements, they called me for a job making $8 an hour..(I was making $15) I asked if I had to interview for this job if I don't think I will be suitable for it and the pay was so low. I was told if the agency called me, then i had to interview for the job. I could not refuse work if it was offered to me. This job is a SELLING job. I already had my first meeting about not making sales - I am a receptionist for God's sake! I have been at this job for one week. I don't want to stay here, I think they are going to fire me soon for not making sales. Can i leave this place voluntarily and tell them it is not a suitable job for me? I am a single Mom with three children - so I am concerned about losing benefits. I have tried to call our local unemployment agency but "due to high call volumes no one is able to take my call". I do not want to add more time working there if I will lose my benefits for staying too long.

Also I should say that I am not receiving ANY assistance from the Department of Job and Family Services, so I am not sure why they even called me with this job offer (Maybe Job and Family services and the One Source place in my area are connected)

I want to know in short, can I quit this telemarketing job and still get unemployment benefits in Ohio?

Hi Jodi,

The unemployment department falls under the ODJFS in Ohio .. I never quite understood that myself.

The issue would have been "refusal of suitable work if you had not interviewed, or refused the job when offered, but the suitability of work you accept is something you have a right to be concerned about .. although many unemployment departments seem to be glossing over this area of unemployment statutes in favor of telling people they have to take any job that is offered to them .. or else bye-bye benefits.

So, it makes sense that you should know what OH says on the subject.

Ohio's legal abstracts on "Suitable work" There are a variety of unemployment subjects available in the abstract including voluntary leaving of a job and misconduct.

Now, I'm going to tell you something according to what I have been noticing from my "perspective"

I would not trust the state of Ohio or any state these days to find in your favor if you voluntarily quit or refuse work on the grounds of suitability .. because the unemployment system is floundering under the weight of benefits for the "long term" unemployed. I honestly do not trust that they are making decision impartially as they are mandated to do.

But if the employer is already thinking of discharging you for failure to meet sales quotas despite the fact that you have no prior sales or telemarketing experience and the only reason you took the "unsuitable" job in the first place was because someone at the state told you that you must .. I would opt for being fired for poor performance .. because it would be easier to prove no misconduct was present due to inability and no prior experience or training in sales vs. proving good cause for quitting because the work is not suitable.

But it's your call, and I did give you the link to the information Ohio offers on the subject .. to explore your own situation more objectively.

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Aug 07, 2010
Good answer from a member of the unemployed herd
by: Anonymous

Let's just hope it plays out this way.

Jul 30, 2010
Unsuitable work
by: Anonymous

Yes, you have to interview for every job you are called for, if it doesn't work out and you get fired quickly due to just not being suited for that type of work, that its not because of attendance or any thing you did to CAUSE yourself to be fired then you will eventually get your benefits back, I had this happen to me in MO
I was hired for phone work, which I had never done, I worked there a week, they never told me I was doing a bad job or anything on Friday, the guy said I am letting you go, I just don't think this is your cup of tea and he gave me a check for the week and that was basically it, I had to report my earnings for that week and then the next week I filed and they sent me a questionaire and I explained what happened it took a couple weeks and I got back paid for the time I did not get a check while this was PENDING ISSUE.
Then since it was not anything I had done other than I was not suitable for the work, I got my benefits back. But if they would have like me then I had to stay there working for $9.00 until I found something else. You can not refuse a job because it is a lower salary, you can't be choosy when on unemployment, either don't apply for those jobs to begin with or be willing to work them until you get something better.

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