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I am in Pennsylvania. Can a 30 hour week be called full time and make me ineligible for benefits?

Hi I live in Pennsylvania and took a job that only "guarantees" average of 30 hours a week. My employer, though, considers it "full time". It will pay me a lot less than my benefits. My unemployment office informed me that if i work full time i cant collect anything. They said that if your employer calls a 30 hour week "full time" then the unemployment office also considers it so. This doesn't seem right to me. I thought that anything less than 40 hours was "part time". Would i really be determined ineligible because my new employer refers to a 30 hour week as full time?? please help .... thank you

Are you making more than your weekly benefits amount?

32 is usually the minimum number of hours that can be called "full-time work".

But regardless, it matter more to know how much more than your weekly benefit amount the job is paying you .. so the formula for partial unemployment benefits can be applied.

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