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I am stressed at home and at work. Will I be eligible for Benefits?

by sarah
(Hoffman Estates, IL USA)

I am very stressed at work and at home. My family situation is very difficult and I am unable to focus at work. Since work is stressful and home I am having a hard time and need to quit. Will I be able to collect unemployemnt for a short period of time?

Hi Sarah,

I can only react to the information you provided.

I doubt very seriously that what you stated above will have a good outcome for you.

You would be quitting to take care of those personal problems .. not good cause.

I suggest you request a leave of absence to solve the personal problems. And explain to the employer that you are having a hard time focusing at work because of them.

I hope you see that this step begins to establish that you are trying to preserve the job.

It also begins to establish a record that you made the employer aware of what was going on in case that "lack of focus" at work becomes the issue for being fired.

It's not that informing the employer excuses us .. even under UI statutes .. for a lack of focus, but this is the beginning of a process.

You should go to a doctor about your stress.

The reason for quitting must be attributable to the work. Even a doctor's note which says you should quit and find a less stressful job needs to be backed up by some evidence that you allowed the employer the opportunity to make your job less stressful.

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