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I am the president of my corporation in florida and recently have not been able to draw a paycheck for the last 8 weeks due to the economy, do I qualify for unemployement?

by renee

I have paid my self on payroll for the last 8 years

I am still working at my business but am unable to pay myself because my gross sales are way less than my business expenses.

I am behind on some of the bills too.

Hi Renee,

Here's the resource that gives a state by state summary for coverage of corporate officers.

Click the current year, then "Coverage" and go to Table 1-7. This chartbook is located at the USDOL.

Apparently Florida does not have any exclusions for corporate officers.

It won't work because you are not unemployed. You are still working .. even if for nothing.

Partial unemployment requires that a person be working less than full-time and the State of Florida only disregard 8 times the federal minimum wage in earnings before they start reducing a person's weekly benefit amount.

You cannot choose not to pay yourself and expect the state to make an exception to the rule that requires a person be unemployed by definition.

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Jun 19, 2009
by: Anonymous

This is a difficult situation, I was being harassed, discriminated and retaliated against for engaging in protected activity and conduct. My phone lines were being recorded without my knowledge. I am aware that the employer can record the lines but my lines have not been recorded in the 5 years I worked for the employer. The commissioner sent a copy of an audio CD to my friend?s job to show she gave me privileged information that I was going to use to report misconduct of someone else. I simply asked my friend if someone is working full-time can they receive welfare benefits, I asked if the address I had for this individual was correct she gave me an answer. My question is can she receive unemployment even though she broke a company rule? Even though it was not her company that became aware of the infraction my company told them. The commissioner at my job sent the disk to her job (whistle blowing I think its called) and she was terminated for it. Does she have any recourse or would it be a lost cause trying to fight it?

Hi, (you've posted a comment to an unrelated issue.)

I honestly think your friend or you needs to contact a legal professional. This is way to complicated for me. Too many possibilities.

Whistle blowing is a protected activity which makes retaliation for blowing the whistle illegal.

I think you will first need to find out if your employer's engagement in recording your phone conversations might be illegal first. There may be an argument that since this in not SOP and their choice to start doing it after your complaints of harassment and retaliation were made is simply another act of retaliation. If your employer caused your friends termination due to an illegal activity .. I'd think she would have grounds for a lawsuit ...

But I don't know exactly what if anything is illegal in your situation.

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