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I am wondering if i quit my job due drastic change will i be able to collect unemployment?

Hello I live in Maryland. I drive a truck working for a big company. My company has many accounts due to its size. I’ve been work on specific dedicated account for almost 4 years now. This is account is a local trucking job, meaning I get home every night. Our account was terminated due to another company outbidding my company. Therefore I will be losing my current job. My only options staying with this company are to become an over the road driver. This entails being away from home for long periods of time averaging two weeks at a time. I am wondering if I quit my job will I be eligible to collect unemployment. I am unable to be away from home for personal reasons. Thank you


Never say personal reasons .. unless the personal reasons are good cause according to statute.

I'm just going to direct you to the Maryland unemployment decision digest where you can read up and apply what you learn to your own situation and make your own judgment call.

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