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I ask the manager permission to leave because i had an emergency next day I got fired, how can i proof that i ask for permission ?

I had an emergency at 3:00pm on a wednesday, I was crying and nervous, I went to the manager and ask her if I could leave because I had a personal problem, she said yes are your kids ok and I said yes but I have a problem that I need to solve, next day I arrive the office on my regular scheduled and at 12:00 pm the owner of the office call me and fired me for leaving the job inconcluded and at that time he is recording the office with about 20 patient and ask me to leave the office.

when i claim for benefits, he said he fired me for misconduct that i left without permission and that i left 20 patients in the office, which was not true because he fired, the day that i ask the manager for permission at 3:00 pm there were no more than 4 patient maybe less, the news announced a rain storm for that day and i can prove it. In conclusion my benefits were denied but I'm asking for a hearing, I need help to proof that I talk to her, that I did not leave without permission and there were no more than 4-5 patients please is there any question that I can ask o any evidence to be present that it might help at the hearing.

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