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I broke my arm and i filed for unemployment, all im getting is the run around

(Michigan Unemployment Benefits)

I broke my arm, I filed for unemployment, all I'm getting is the run around

I've been at my job for 4 years {kfc} and on Aug. 26 i broke my arm and wrist.

I filed for unemployment as soon as I got the hospital. I sent unemployment all the paper work I got from the hospital to support my claim, but they just keep asking for more documents.

They sent 2 letters. One said how much I would receive, the other said I was denied.

Basically I'm asking will I get unemployment benefits eventually?

Hi .. thanks for the chuckle first thing this morning .. that run around thing must be catching.

You can ask all you want about the eventuality of getting benefits, but it should be clear, even to you, that the important details I might need to know, with regard to getting unemployment benefits have to do with why you longer work for KFC ..

I know for a fact, the paperwork from the hospital did not terminate your employment .. or tell you to quit your job because you broke your arm and your wrist.

And if I am assuming correctly and have filled in the blank correctly in the following statement ..

"I filed for unemployment as soon as I got home from the hospital."

I think you might have screwed up.


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