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I can't afford representation for my upcoming hearing can you tell me a good resource I can use to help myself

I have a pending California EDD hearing because I appealed an overpayment,the reason they give for my denial is that I quit my job without good cause.

I don't entended to pursue UI benefits, but I want to ask the judge to remove the overpayment and penalty, because I believe I did have a good cause.
I previously worked in California on a short term contract and I live in another state.
During this time that I was working, I had a series of events happen to my family and homestead.
I was able to be home on leave last Christmas, my disabled son became seriously ill and spent 3 days in the hospital with contagious influenza and dehyration. It was fortunate that I was home at this time because he passed out from high fever.

In my absence my wife was having to manage home insurance repairs for the exterior siding, dealing with contractors and inspectors. I tried to have these repairs completed before I left out of state, but the contractors kept delaying work.

A 3rd problem manifested itself having nothing to do with the insurance repairs, the main natural gas line feeding the house became deteriorated and was leaking gas it had to be shut off and totally replaced at a high dollar cost.

After careful consideration of my sons well being and all the issues taking place for my home and repairs not to mention the stress on
my wife and on our marriage.
I came to the conclusion that it would be in the best interest of my family if I leave California and be near home, this would mean I have to tell the company I will need to quit.
I need to add that during the months I was working,I made regular communication to my company superior. I made sure to include in our conversations about future work within the company. I made it clear before I accepted this job that I was looking for long term employment. He verbally promised me several times that he would find me work in a location near where I live when the contract ends.
I tried to preserve my employment with the company before, during and up to the week before I left the job location.
I gave the company 2 weeks notice, I did not leave until my next scheduled home trip. I left 3 weeks short of the original contract date.

What I want to ask you is this, I don't have the money to pay anyone to represent me for the hearing. I will have to go it alone, what resource or practice template can you tell me use so I can prepare for this. "I don't want to get run over by the bus" like I did in the my last phone hearing. I was humiliated by hearing board.

Thank you for your consideration and time.

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Sep 27, 2014
Resources and practice template.
by: Chris

Since yours is a CA EDD hearing, your best bet is to use the resource that I have provided the link to for California. The UIBDG (Unemployment insurance benefits determination guide), really is useful.

As for a practice template .. wouldn't that be lovely ... if I believed winning a hearing was just a matter of a "template"

I do have steps however that I follow to begin preparing for a hearing and they are very similar to the steps I've mentioned on the main Q&A page about thinking like a lawyer.

Not to mention that that is what I tried to discuss over and over when I asked questions.

I will tell you this because it's an impression I'm getting from your question.

If lean to heavy on the approach to win your appeal hearing by simply explaining why you deserve mercy, rather than connecting what you learn from the UIBDG to how to prove good cause for your voluntary quit .. there's going to be an overpayment to repay.

One possibility, maybe you can explore may be to explore the UIBDG for what might help with going for the CA law provision of the possibility of waiving repayment of unemployment benefits.

Good Luck and I really do hope California is the liable state on your claim ..

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