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I checked yes on the box that says "Did you attend school or training"

by Eddie
(Long Beach, Ca.)

I'm wondering if there is anyway I can reverse the fact I checked yes, that I did attend school?

My benefits have been halted and I can't pay my bills anymore. I'm also wondering if I will get the money that I haven't received. I live in the state of California.

Hi Eddie,

Did you attend school?

Or did you check the box yes, by accident and the mistake was to fail to review your answers were all correct?

I have no idea how to reverse much about anything once a benefit suspension has occurred. The investigation will eventually lead to a new unemployment determination being issued on your claim, so bills, or not, learning how the process works and then proceeding to prepare to make it work in your favor seems the logical way forward.

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Oct 20, 2009
reply to question
by: Eddie

Yes I am attending school, well actually its Harbor Occupational Center... My telephone interview is on October 23, will my unemployment get terminated if my school attendance doesn't meet their standards? I am taking an Automotive Technician Fundamentals course.
thanx for the help...

Yes, it can stop benefits. So now I have more questions. How is it you ended up going to this school. Was it through the EDD that you got the funding?

Did you know that there are programs that can suspend A&A requirements if you are okayed and comply with all the other requirements?

I'm mentioning this because, the type of schooling you are attending might be on a list somewhere as "state approved training", I would suggest to everyone .. that to avoid problems with benefits .. you first check out possible training and school options through the state employment office.

There is funding and there are a lot of different state and federal programs which need to be explored as an option.

Dec 21, 2009
Been to a 1-Stop Career Center
by: ?

If you are stating to go to a 1-stop career center to see if there are opportunities to enroll in a WIA training program, don't bother. (Well at least in Riverside county.) I went to the office to inquire a few months ago and they were very blunt about the fact that there was no funding left and they were not sure if there were going to be anymore funds coming in to support the program because let's face it: CALIFORNIA is BROKE. I also inquired about the CTB, but the "career" counselor informed me that is more for people who have a job and can fulfill 90% of that job so the CTB program will allow you to get additional work training to meet all the requirements for that position. But the counselor was frank that it's geared towards people who don't have a post-secondary degree, unlike me. People with bachelor's and master's degree get the shaft when you visit these EDD offices that they don't bother checking it out when they hear about it. Take my word for it. I went and it was a complete waste of my time. The counselor asked me to email her my resume. I attempted several times, but it was rejected because they don't bother checking their emails let alone CLEANING up their inboxes to allow new emails to filter through.

Apr 12, 2010
by: Anonymous

If you have said "verbally" that you were going to school because you didn't know, then they cut your Unemployment benefits, so you call back and denied this, and said that you didn't say that or so....Can you do that? Also how the Unemployment Benefits Agency verifies if you are going to school? how they can confirm this?...SAIDYMAE


I have no idea how to answer the first part of your question, but I would think they could verify you are going to school easily if you have received a student loan or an education grant.

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