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I collected unemployment from 2 states while unemployed

(Maryland Unemployment Benefits)

I collected benefits from 2 states while unemployed. I had to file with one state first and when benefits ran out i had to file with the other state and get benefits. Once these benefits were exhausted I was offered extended benefits from both states and just kept filing with both states and was never questioned until the extended benefits ran out and the next round came available and I had to call in and one of the states reps noticed I was collecting from 2 states and asked me if I was and I said no. I am now under investigation in Maryland and will soon be in Indiana as well. What are my options and what will I be charged with? Can both states charge me since I was really unemployed and should be getting it from one of them? Know a good attorney I can contact for help with this?


I could refer you to someone who could find a MD attorney (although you don't need an attorney for unemployment cases in MD).

But, I seriously doubt they would take your case because the moment you lied and answered NO, you did commit intentional unemployment fraud .. no ifs, ands, or buts about it .. up until that point .. there might still have been an argument that it was a mistake .. maybe due to being .. mentally challenged or something like that .. but just the answer NO is strong indication .. you knew it was the wrong thing to do.


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