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I don't know why I was fired?

by Steven
(Akron, Ohio)

I had worked at the Akron Auto Auction for ten years. I had taken time off from April to September of 2008 due to illnesses. I was also late. I have high blood pressure, my cholestrol level is 303 and tryglycrites level is 808. I had to go to emergency twice due to this. I had and have no hospitalization and could not afford the 300.00 a month for the medication the doctor said I needed. Eventually my wages were being garnished by two different attorneys from each hospital to the tune of 25% from each per paycheck. I also was involved in a situation from November 2003-February 2004 where I was asked to clean out to buildings of insulation. I wore tee shirts and jeans while working, toward the end of my assignment the EPA and five other agencies came in and said the buildings were filled with Friable Asbestos. No one offered me any help or advice as to being exposed to the asbestos. This has caused me alot of health problems too. I cough a lot, my chest hurts and I am having breathing problems. I called in to work stating I would be late because of construction, I arrived and was told to go home. I called and they had said I quit, then when I filed unemployment they said I was fired. I am not well and am getting no assistance except 150.00 a month in food stamps. I am single with no children, so I do not qualify for help with rent, utilities or anything else. I have been trying to find another job but as you know, jobs are hard to come by these days. I am totally depressed now, no money and no help. My health has only gotten worse. I had to file bancruptcy which I might add that my boss thought enough of me to loan me the money to file, he took 200.00 out of each paycheck to repay him. That was fine with me, at least I was able to get out from under the garnishments. They have written me up but I never saw them and they never called me in to sign any papers stating there were write ups. After ten years at the Akron Auto Auction, the only problems they had was from April-September of 2008. What about the nine and a half years of not getting written up? I am on my third appeal now. I am desperate and about to lose my apartment and everything I have. I own a 150.00 jeep that barely runs, I have pawned all my coins and jewelry, I sold all my tools valued at 1,000.00 for 200.00 and my 500.00 bow and arrows for 100.00 just to survive

another month. I do not and never have had any credit cards. My mom is trying to help out as much as possible but she is single and has very little also. I can't sleep, I am sick alot, I cry alot and am in deep depression because of being let go, not being able to collect unemployment and not getting help from any government agency. I have paid my taxes and stay out of trouble, but that is not good enough. I have contemplated killing myself but my mom has stopped me twice. I don't know where to go from here. I have nothing and feel so worthless and don't want to live anymore. No jobs are available and I have tried. All I have done for the last ten years is recondition cars and as you know, dealerships are in trouble and they are not hiring. So many companies I have gone to have hiring freezes. The more I am turned away from a job the worse I become. Is there any help out there? I know of twelve other employees that got fired and not one of them was able to collect unemployment, how can a company get away with that? Three of them received severence pay but it was never offered to me. My mom is forcing me to keep going, she is helping me with my appeals but I keep getting denied. She says not to give up but I am so worn down now, so tired, so sick and I can't even afford to go to a doctor for my medication or for antidepressants. Is there any help for me? Do I ever stand a chance or should I just end it all now? Ten years at the Akron Auto Auction should mean something. Thank you for taking time to listen. I have been praying along with my mom for help from God. Now mom and I are praying that a miracle from Unemployment will come through. Thank you and God Bless. Steven Blondheim of Akron Ohio


Please don't give up.

You need to get yourself an attorney. Not only for the unemployment benefits, but for exposure to the asbestos. Have you not talked to one about this?? A good attorney would probably take your case on contingency given the EPA was involved and probably help you with your unemployment appeal. You mentioned a number of things that make me think you could win, but you live in Ohio who wastes way to much time with redeterminations before you get to the hearing.

Do a search for: unemployment attorneys akron ohio , I saw one on the first page of results I'd give a call.

Start calling them in the morning Steven.


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