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I filed an appeal in california and wonhow long before i recieve back payments

by Kristi Hanna
(Scramento CA)

I won a first level appeal against my employer for denial of benefits in california how long until I receive my back unemployment compensation.

Hi Kristi,


I use to tell people it should take no longer than 1-2 weeks, but I've been hearing horror stories about the length of time it is taking and not just California, but a lot of states.

The statutes say that benefits are to be "promptly paid"

You can read the pertaining California statutes here.

Would you be generous enough to share why you won your appeal hearing and what it was about?

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Nov 28, 2010
Back Payments
by: Noel

I won my appeal and received all of my checks (separately for each 2 week period) about 14 days after receiving the letter that I had won. Shortly after that, my employer filed an appeal to me winning, and about 6 weeks later, I received a notice of their appeal, and a court date approximately 2 weeks later....which is coming up this week. Considering contacting Chris for some tips for the appeal (since the employer missed the original hearing, and was allowed a new court date....which I find completely unfair!).

Hi Noel,

Can you tell everyone exactly why the board allowed the employer to have a new hearing .. please.

I know this is commonplace when an employer fails to appear, but if the reason for the non-appearance is questionable .. the hearing notice should have a "non-appearance issue tacked on".

Just wondering if you'd be willing to share as to the reason the employer used to get it reopened.

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