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I filed an unemployment appeal and won my appeal, but now they have sent a letter stating I owe money.

by Joe
(Palm Coast,fl)

I filed an appeal and had the hearing and received a letter stating that I had won the appeal, but now a week after receiving the decision, i recwive a letter saying I owe money because I wasn't eligible. Is that a mistake or is the referee decision not the final word. When I call the main number for claims , they say they don't have the appeal information yet. What should I do. Anyone have this happen.

Hi Joe,

Oh, I'm sure it happens. I spent a lot of time on hold trying to make sense out of something a state did.

Don't call the claims department .. call the appeal department and ask them why.

It would be extremely helpful if I could actually read these "letters" everyone is always telling me about. Maybe I should actually get a fax number and start a service which evaluates and explains state documents and then suggest a possible course of action or interpret and explain the bad news.

You didn't have some type of availability issue .. did you? I just can't tell you what I think is going on without the details of your situation or without seeing the "letters".

What I am questioning right now is how you ended up with an overpayment issue if you had initially been denied and won at hearing only a week prior to the letter you received?????

And by the way, do not let the deadline for appeal of the overpayment issue pass without appealing. Your decision allowing benefits would be good documentation:)

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