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I got a Claimants Eligibility Review Questionnaire

by Javier

Hello I am from Florida and received Claimants Eligibility Review Questionnaire

and question 8 says the following
8) Do you now attend or have a definite date to attend school or a training program? i put yes starting summer 2010 at mdc for physical therapy assistant.
I cant find a job so I am taking out a loan. I was doing research and read some people got denied benefits because they put yes they are going to school. My question is should i just white out all that i put and say i do not attend school? I don't want to get denied benefits.
I ask my ex co workers that got lay off with me if they had received this letter and they said no why did they choose me?

Hi Javier,

I don't know why you got it and they didn't .. what other kind of questions do they ask. A lot of states actually perform claims audits to detect fraud .. make sure people are looking for work .. etc.

But I have a question .. Do you have a definite date? The summer of 2010 is not what I'd call a definite date.

Does anyone in Florida have any advice for Javier?

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Mar 03, 2010
It ask basic question like
by: Javier

List what type of jobs and experience you have, Lowest wage you are willing to work,how many miles one way will you drive for work, have you been able to work, have you been looking for work, have you received extra money,what transportation you have,is there any reason why you cant work,it brings with a form that you have to put all jobs you applied for during a months and that question i ask
i think i am just going re print form and put no cant risk getting denied
it says if you dont complete and return you would be denied benefits

If this is in addition to the usual questions you have to answer when you file for your weekly benefits .. I would say they are trying to determine if there is a possibility for denying benefits on an A&A issue .. or even a fraud issue

My opinion is that Florida denies benefits initially whenever they think they can get away with it and then they start looking for ways to stop the benefits they've already approved .. this is just my opinion.

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