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I got fired for being 5 and 10 mins late over about 3 years

by Michael

So basically I feel like I was illegally worked without sufficient time in between shifts. Even if that is legal does the fact that I'm a combat vet with PTSD and sleeping troubles . I informed them of this and talked about my past with them when hired years ago. 1 of my managers understood what I used to do, but last year he left and was replaced . It's hard to have to explain myself about my condition to new people I don't know. Should I get ui bennefits and if not are these sufficient reasons to win an appeal?? The shifts I was scheduled for well over a year was 11;30 pm then open at 5:00 am is that even legal ? Also I have sleeping trouble from war time . My management was well aware of this and prior to being fired I had a talk with my boss about how hard a time I was having sleeping . Again the manager that really knew me left . I shouldn't have to go over this all the time it's hard to have to explain this to people. Am I good to go or am I out of luck .


Hi Michael,

I really can't tell you because I'm still not sure of what happened to you.

You have not explained well enough for me to assess what actually happened.

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