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I Got Fired For Calling Into Work Because of Dangerous Road Condition.

by Tiffany

I called into work two days because we had a really bad ice storm in my area and the roads were extremely dangerous to drive on. Even the news casters were telling people to stay off the roads and only drive on the roads if its an emergency. I know that I needed my job but I could look outside my window and saw that the roads were completely covered with ice. I called in and I was never told by my supervisor if I don't come into work I'll get written up. About over half of my co-workers called into those days and almost one month later we all received two write ups. Since I already had one write up on my record those two write ups caused me to be discharged along with some of my co-workers. I just found out a last week that I was denied unemployment benefits because of unacceptable attendance. I'm waiting to get my appeal hearing schedule. I'm extremely nervous about the hearing and worried that I won't win my appeal. I live in a area where work is hard to find so I pray that I win the appeal and get my job back which the UNION is working on now.

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