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I HAD MY IN-PERSON UNEMPLOYMENT APPEAL HEARING (See a video of an Ohio Unemployment hearing.

by Jean

I watched a movie yesterday regarding being prepared for your unemployment hearing (pretty informative). I was extremely prepared I had a witness and my attorney. The employer brought the acting commissioner, and the employee relations specialist who were the ones that were spearheading my discipline hearings. In addition they also had their attorney who did not represent them but only observed. This was a big mistake on the employers behalf because my lawyer ask so many pertinent questions and the employer answered them like a bumbling idiot. Moreover, in the hearing the employer was very unprepared had told several lies and took forever looking through his unorganized paperwork. To make a long story short I never got to testify because he spent anywhere from 10 - 20 minutes looking through his stack of unorganized information. My question is the hearing officer stated this has taken too long and we need to reschedule. How many times can the hearing be rescheduled? From the terrible responses that the employer made I am confident that I am going to come out victorious in this matter. Also, do you have any idea how long it usually takes to get another hearing scheduled? The employer would not let us schedule at the hearing they claimed they needed to go back to the office and look at their calendar. When we were leaving the building I saw the employers attorney yelling at their representative. I knew his was unintelligent but today I got a chance to see just how much. This is making me feel
a lot more confident about my pending lawsuit. Thanks for listening.

Thanks for link Jean .. Very useful stuff for the visitors to this website .. even those in other states.

I don't want to tell you about how many times a hearing can be continued, postponed, rescheduled:) especially when lawyers are involved .. and lawsuits. UI hearing decisions can be a big deal if a state precludes further litigation in a different venue, but some hearing officer get a little impatient when they think someone is trying to play them .. for time.

Did the hearing officer give the employer a time limit to "check their schedules"? The states like to resolve things .. I'm betting they want it scheduled quickly, but I don't know what Ohio's appeal offices practice is with regard to scheduling.

I might be more informative if you were in a different state, but I can tell you this, once an unemployment claim reaches the appeal level the state has a time frame to complete it and issue a decision to stay in compliance with federal regs.

Unintelligent representatives .. I've met more than a few:) not that I think I'm some kind of genius .. but come on .. basic preparation for an unemployment hearing is .. well basic. Prep the witnesses, organize your documents .. know what your strong points are and what the other sides weak points are .. KNOW your facts .. don't fumble through stacks of paper .. or allow anyone else to either.

I do thank you for the link.

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