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I had to quit my job because my shift changed and my hours were slashed.

by N. King
(Southaven , Ms)

As a result of my shift change and my reduced hours i had to quit and relocate because i could not sustain and pay my bills. My job was a 45 minute trip one way. it was costing me more to go to work than what i was making. How can I get through an appeal after being disqualified from my unemployment benefits. I live in Mississippi and I worked for a casino. Thanks

Hi N. King,

Did you file for partial unemployment when your hours were reduced? Did you know you could do that?

Can you prove it was costing more to work than you were making?

This type of quit is best thought out before you quit.

I'm going to assume the state denied because you quit to relocate when in fact you were forced to relocate because of a reduction in hours by the employer.

States look for the "proximate cause" of the separation. There can be all kinds of things floating around the peripheral that we may focus on that are disqualifying. It's important to focus on the core reason which in most states is required to be work related by statute for good cause for leaving to be found.

Mississippi has this in the statutes regarding refusal of work:

(ii) If the wages, hours or other conditions of the work offered are substantially unfavorable or unreasonable to the individual's work. The department shall have the sole discretion to determine whether or not there has been an unfavorable or unreasonable condition placed on the individual's work. Moreover, the department may consider, but shall not be limited to a consideration of, whether or not the unfavorable condition was applied by the employer to all workers in the same or similar class or merely to this individual;

And they interpret on a case by case basis whether good cause existed for quitting, just like most states do, because there are few provision which create an exception to the general rule that quitting must be attributable to the work .. even when you quit for personal reasons that anyone in their right mind would also make the same decision.

I did look for some type of decision index, but I couldn't find one for MS. You may be able to find help for your appeal. Appeal Process
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