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I hate my job as a teacher's aid. Can I quit and collect unemployment in Arizona?

by Cathy

I've been working as a teachers aid for 2 years. Originally I worked in the classroom helping the teacher, with student who were slow. Half way through the school I was told the district was cutting back, and the only position available was a "one-on-one aide" to a physically and mentally disabled 14 year old boy. I have to feed him and toilet him.

I hate this job. Can I quit after the end school year and receive unemployment?

Hi Cathy,

If you quit your job and tell the state you quit because you hated your job .. you will not get benefits.

You need to have a valid reason connected with the work. The fact is you did accept this job.

You are not giving me anything to work with here .. such as why you hate this job.

Were you mislead by the employer as to what was going to be required of you?

Do you feel this job is not using the skills you were hired for or do you think you are not qualified for the job?

Are you physically capable of handling this child.

Have you spoken to the employer about the possibility of working with a different child and what your problem is working with this child?

I cannot find an Arizona precedent manual, but if you go the the unemployment appeals page you will find they say somebody will be "glad to answer your questions". They won't advise you, but if you ask the right questions you might be able to get a handle on something in your situation that will be helpful to follow up on.

Good cause for quitting is decided on each case separately according to your specific circumstances. You cannot generalize, you must be specific with the details because that's how good cause is decided to be present or not.

Arizona unemployment appeal page.

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Jan 12, 2017
Teachers aide
by: Anonymous

Hi I know what your going through I transfered to another school in the organization I work for and it was for a 1:1 student she is 19 and is physically and verbally abusive to me I wounder if tat is a good cause to collect UI

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