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by robin

A year ago i got a new supervisor who is a complete moron and has it out for me. I believe she has it out for me because I am with a man of another race. She makes comments in front of the office who's turn is it to babysit?? She gives me impossible tasks. A complete moron. I recd a 10,000 pay increase before she came here due to my work. I am a hard working employee who is fed up please help me.. I want to quit and still rec unemployment..

Hi Robin

You need to start documenting and escalating. You need to document your efforts/strategies to get this person harassing you under control first.

I'm a firm believer that all at will employees should be as concerned and knowledgeable about maintain their employee rights as an HR department are, although for a different reason .. such as keeping owners of a business from being out of compliance with those laws.

Very often the reason and responsibility for feel trapped in a job rest on the employee shoulders and that's what makes them feel trapped, with no where to turn to escape.

I'm an advocate for all American workers to get smart about their rights and to put their foot down when employers knowingly, or unwittingly cross a line that takes them out of compliance with laws that determine both our rights and responsibilities to exercise them.

Unemployment is no different, but often the booby prize you can't get because you ignored what in fact might of been wrong while still employed.

While you're employed is the perfect time to investigate what you should and can do to preserve your employment, so when/if it isn't reasonably resolved by the employer you have documented evidence to help argue good cause with.

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