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I have a dual citizenship. Can I move to the country where I was born to look for work and still collect unemployment?

by Tina
(California Unemployment Benefits)

I was born in South America and also have citizenship in the U.S. I have been unemployed in California for a little over a year and fear that I still wont be able to find a job by the time my unemployment benefits exhaust. I am considering moving back to my native country to look for work there. Can I move back to South America and still collect unemployment while looking for a U.S. job there? (i.e. the embassy?)

No, I don't think you would be able to maintain eligibility.

You would be limiting your availability for suitable work. At least as I understand this requirement. You would also be restricting your job search for "covered employment".

It is one of the primary eligibility condition of collecting unemployment .. to be "able and available" (A&A) to accept work when it is offered.

Find the job first .. so you don't have to worry about collecting benefits.

See the California unemployment eligibility guide.

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