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I have been on a new job for one month.

by Roxanne

The employer over-hired and does not have enough business to now justify the amount of staff initially required and I was let go. Do I qualify for unemployed benefits? I meet the guidelines for income over the past 18 month period.

Hi Roxanne,

That sounds like what I would call a layoff which is a "lack of work".

When an employer responds to the state that the separation was a lack of work .. it removes the need to adjudicate the reasons for separation because the employer has accepted the fault for the separation .. the result is that you are cleared for benefits.

The only thing that might get in the way for some in Florida is if they had a disqualifying separation from the job they had before due to Florida's very harsh disqualification.

In order to purge any prior disqualification a person must return to work and earn 17 times their established weekly benefit amount. If they do this then they would also be cleared for benefits, if not, no benefits until they do this and have another qualifying separation from work.

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