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I have been out of work for almost a year can I still file for unemployment in FLORIDA?

Been looking for a job and sending out seems like million of resumes but no job yet. need money to pay bills

You can, but you might not have enough qualifying wages left in your base period.

Florida requires you have a minimum amount of wages in your high quarter of at least $2267 and 1 1/2 times your high quarter wages in your base period .. that would be $3400. This means you would need wages in at least two quarters.

The base period for anyone filing between 7-1-09 and 9-30-09 is 4-1-08 through 3-31-09.

And that's just the monetary part .. then they look at the reason for separation from the job, which is a nonmonetary determination.

Florida also looks at how the wages are spread throughout your base period to determine duration of benefits which can be from 9-26 weeks.

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