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I have been working for a temp agency for 2 weeks, will my unemployment end?

by Erika
(Menifee, CA)

I recently got hired by a temp agency, that is associated with my previous employer. I have never worked for one before. This agency is just horrible, they never told me anything. for example: they did not tell me I don't get paid holidays, no vacation, no sick time, pretty much if your not at work you don't get paid, had I know that I would not have taken the job. The way I found this out was thru a worker (who worked for the same agency I work for) that got hired on permanently by the company. They also never told me where the location of my work was or how to get there, they figured since I worked for the company I should know, well this company is huge and have multiple locations. They never said what I would be doing, my job functions, who I would be working for, nothing. I didn't get my time sheet until a week and 1/2 until I was working, the only reason I even got that was because I called them and asked them about it. The more I find out the more I dislike it. Is there anyway to leave the agency and keep my current unemployment claim that I have, I have only been there for two weeks, my fill out claim form from unemployment hasn't gotten to me yet, so I have not been able to report any earnings.

Hate to be a
downer Erika, but I didn't read anything in your complaints that would rise to something considered good cause to quit "suitable work" .. unless you can prove you misled about the location, distance to work, or what you'd be doing by the temp agency prior to accepting the position.

Considering you worked for the temp agency's client (your former employer) your story sounds like a million others story .. including mine.

I worked as a temp for my former employer for close to three years through a temp agency that happened to be one of their cost control clients until I knew I had good cause to quit .. and it was my health which they refused to offer a reasonable accommodation for.

I take no pleasure in telling you this as someone who was laid off while on FML and felt forced into returning to my old job as a temp .. minus all the fringe bennies I had apparently enjoyed too much when I had to have surgery and used the health insurance and my right to be granted FML.


All the best,


PS .. just to be certain I haven't missed something you didn't know to mention .. check out the California Unemployment Benefit Determination Guide, it really is a good resource for those who want to understand how UI works.

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