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I have given two weeks notice, but they made me quit the day i gave notice


Hi Anonymous,

What state are you in? Why did you quit?

Give me something to work with .. so I can actually direct my response to what it is you want to know .. instead of rambling on as to possible scenarios.. please.

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Jun 15, 2009
by: Anonymous

I worked for a company with alot of wierd policies, such as you're written up if you have 5 sick occurances in a roatating year, they monitor your work by how much you do,(which I always met and was above the quota, but I saw favortism, and just had had it. they bragged of being a great company, and did everything to keep you down, instead of encourangment.


You may be able to get unemployment for one week.

Most states require a one week unpaid waiting period. But since you gave notice and they would let you work out the notice you may be entitled to benefits for two weeks .. minus the waiting week.

Jun 15, 2009
virginia is the state
by: Anonymous


Sep 13, 2010
by: Anonymous ala

I turned in a two weeks notice to my employer,which was asked by company.After having a discussion with my upper superviser about my situation,she told me to go ahead and leave without working the notice.I have been employed with them three strong years,i was a store manger who had to take on the responsibility of the entire store,my beliefs and how the company was ran was stressing me out.After talking to my superviser,it just became to stressful and made me physically drained.I gave all i had into this company from day one,hours began to change working late and my family was taking a major hit due to lack of child care and my spouse being sick due to pregnancy that caused her to be back and forth to the hospital

Feb 24, 2012
I gave two week notice over discrimination in Iowa & was fired
by: William

Four weeks ago I sent my supervisor an e-mail telling them I felt I was being treated differently than white employee's. The next day another employee informed me he heard I had filed a complaint and to be careful. Fearful of being fired I informed HR I was uncomfortable with continuing. The discrimination continued and even got worse. On my last day at the end of my shift I again told my supervisor I felt his actions was discriminatory. The supervisor stated he was sick of my discrimination (b.s.) & he was calling HR over the day. I said good. The supervisor continued to holler at me and I told his supervisor that I welcome the opportunity to meet with HR and I was giving them two weeks notice and I would leave if HR didn't address the pending issues. I was fired on the spot. Please keep in mind I was top salesperson at the company, making real good money and really didn't want to quit. But I was not in the right click and thus was subject to different treatment from the supervisor. Every black employee hires while I was there was also fired within two months of starting their employment. Will I get unemployment?

Feb 24, 2012
For William in Iowa
by: Chris -

Hi William,

Believe me, I understand that you were motivated to quit over what you feel is discrimination and it may turn out to be just that, but proving discrimination is usually easier when their are multiple complaints against the same company.

I'm not a civil rights lawyer. I'm just a woman that during her time spent as an employee, happened to be a member of multiple protected classes that can be discriminated against in a legal sense.

And now know that good cause to quit can be just one instance of an overt act by a person in authority uses a racial slur ..

However, the unemployment department doesn't have the jurisdiction to determine if discrimination existed.

Instead unemployment focuses on whether a similar reasonable person enduring the same would have quit in that instance and it calls for a credibility decision about who is telling the truth.

The truth becomes more apparent when you can prove past efforts to preserve the employment.

I can't tell if you actually quit after you told HR you were comfortable going forward with the complaint or were fired because you issued an ultimatum to fix things in two weeks or you would quit.

All after telling HR you were fearful of going forward with your complaint.

Want a definitive answer from someone .. you're going to have to discuss the details and the first detail to get out of the way is whether you did in fact quit with two weeks notice to which the employer said .. leave now.

Or whether you stated that unless your supervisor's supervisor did something to control your manager and keep him from treating you differently because of your race you would have no choice, but to quit in two weeks.

The outcome is first dependent on establishing who exactly will have the burden of proof .. and in your case .. I'm leaning toward the fact that this was in fact a quit .. and the fact that the employer chose to release you prior to the date of your notice doesn't change the fact that you were the moving party .. unless you can prove they backed you into this corner.

What ever became of the complaint to HR?

Dec 22, 2014
Resignation letter
by: Beebee

I got offered another job and got hired.

I put in my resignation letter in which I'd been working for 7 1/2 years. I started the new job and after 2 1/2 weeks they let me go.

They said due to lack of work. Now I file for unemployment. Will they approve or not???

Dec 22, 2014
A low groan is coming from deep within my throat Beebee
by: Chris

Forgive me Beebee, but your question is the type of question that I have little patience for.

Sometimes I think that search bar at the top of any page is completely invisible .. not to mention any prior answers where I used to feel forced to ask for details, just so I could answer and feel like I was at least trying to help. If you'd used it, you'd know ..

I often directed the visitor/questioner to the same source I'd used to find the answer for them because a question about quitting a job for the reason of accepting another job is way to common to keep repeating myself.

The USDOL's Unemployment Law Comparison Charts (specifically, the non-monetary) is where to find the answer for this question.

And I even use it to know how to discuss a problem raised by other questions about unemployment on any number of issues that may also prevent benefits from being paid.

The simple answer to your question is specific to your state and it is found in a chart detailing the disqualifications for a voluntary quit in a column, specifically devoted to Accept Other Work and .. state by state.

Oh wait .. "which state" .. pretty sure that was the first question I asked at the top of this question..

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