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I have proof that my supervisor set me up to get fired-how do i bring this up in appeals?


I was terminated for violating an employer rule. I had explained to the HR that I was not aware that I could not go into a file drawer. I had a witness to that effect but this worker provided a written statement that said I had demanded to go into that file drawer.

I knew then that this was a set-up by this co-worker and my supervisor to get me fired. I could get into details why but it is too long.
During my grievance to fight for my job, i brought up this concern and another co-worker finally came forward and provided a verbal statement to the VP that our supervisor told her it was a set-up and then offered my job to her.
I thought this nightmare was over- but the company declined by Grievance and never brought up the co-workers' statement. I was not reinstated.
I just got my notice from EDD stating I was denied benefits. I am working on my appeals and I want to know how do I bring in this issue. It has been such a mess and so unfair. I know at the time of my Grievance the company was restructuring and the VP had to reapply and interview for her job. If the Grievance had gone foreword to a panel of employees and board members, the dirty laundry about my supervisor would have been exposed and her job would have been on the line since she was my supervisors' supervisor.
This has been such an incredible emotional mess and nightmare. ….unbelievable. Any help would be appreciated. P.S. I was an excellent employee – never a write-up, warning, reprimand etc. A clean record.Not one thing.

Hi Anonymous,

I am sorry, but this is one of the things I provide consultations for.

Or you can simply read the California Appeals Fact Sheet.

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