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I have relocated about 150 miles after losing my job in the same state of Wisconsin. Now I have been called back to work 14 months later.


I lost my job in Feb. 2009. We could no longer afford the rent and cost of living in this city so we moved about 150 miles away, to a lesser cost of living city where we once lived. My wife is in very poor health. I have not yet found a job. Now my previous employer just called me back to work. What happens if I do not go back? Can I still keep my unemployment. We could not afford to live there, my wife is in a wheelchair and we can live less costly where we are, but I am afraid that my unemployment compensation could be at risk. Please advise. Thanks.


That is a very good question because obviously, if you have been called back to work .. the work is considered suitable. I'm certain that many people have moved due to this recession.

First, I am not aware that Wisconsin has any "LOCALITY PROVISION" which might call the personal decision to move and seek work into question.

Secondly, there is no doubt that a layoff or a "lack of work" is considered the end of a job unless you are your claim also considers you to be "job attached" which serves to remove the need to look for other work or conform to the state job search requirements. This is something you should know if if applies to you.

Third, if you aren't job attached and you are now living to far away that you wouldn't apply for this job .. I don't think it should be considered "suitable work", but for good measure .. verify your individual circumstances by finding a supporting decision.

Here is the Wisconsin page which contains information about WI precedents on the subject of
suitable work.

There is a lot of information beyond this initial page .. so don't be afraid to click and read anything you can find that is similar to your situation.

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