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I have to prove that im not the moving party

by David
(E SF Bay, Ca.)

I put in for unemployment then i got the determination letter. the notice of hearing says issues: 1256

did the claimant voluntarily leave his or her most recent recent employment without good cause. was the claimant discharged for misconduct with his or her most recent work

My employer promised that in the future the business was to be left to me and his girlfriends son who was working the last couple of years

I don't know where to start I worked hours the last month I was never paid for then the girlfriends son came in and said that my boss told him he had to lay me off

The month before this happened the employer wanted us to go sign up for unemployment so didn't have payroll but wanted us to come into work.

Can I subpoena people and their unemployment records?
Is nepotism an issue because it was harassment?

Hi David,

You have two very good choices to prepare for your hearing.

The state of California's guidance.

The California benefit determination guide


Or me

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