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I havent worked in 4 yrs due to social illness

I worked for my Uncle for 7 yrs being a finish carpenter and started to have problems with anziety and social problems. I quit and went to see a conselor as I am on the program of "Wictim Witness" since I was 16 yrs old. The abuse came from my father against my sister. I didnt feel I could work and was offered jobs but refused because I felt anziety and working for someone I didnt know. My Mom help me with bills and I feel terrible for taking her money as I am now 30 yrs old which adds to feeling bad about myself. I decided to go back to school and was refused financial aid as I was not aware that you had to sigh up for the draft..that it is the law..had no idea! Couldnt collect unemployment because I didnt work for 4 yrs. I also have been in rehab for drinking and since have stopped. I feel I can go to school but all doors are closed. My question to you is can or is there a way for me to collect unemployment on any of these conditions? Thank you sorry I have no money


No, to receive unemployment you have to have qualifying wages and generally, unless you are unemployed due to a work injury .. those wages must be somewhere in the last eighteen months.

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