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I intern for a company and sometimes they pay me for a project...

by Lea

I intern for a company and I'm trying to learn the industry and get considered for a full time job. They have been asking me to purchase items for special events and they reimburse me. First, How do I make sure this is not considered income and secondly, I was told I will sometimes get money if the project is profitable. This is not by any means a typical scenario, but how can I claim this money without interfering with my future payments that I will need when the projects are not profitable? I need a dumb-downed version of how it works. Thank you.

Hi Lea,

I always try to "dumb things down" :)

But I don't think Florida gives enough information on their website for me to answer your question.

But I can issue a warning based on what's happened to other people in Florida that I have made contact with.

The FAQ's do not describe what money must be reported when filing a continued claim other than you must report earnings and you must report them in the week they are earned .. vs. the week you are paid.

This has happened to people earning commissions who never know if the sale will go through in the week the make the sale.

This is a problem for you to because you don't know if you will be paid for your time in any one week.

So I would advise you to call the AWI. But I suggest you be careful how you ask your questions .. so they don't get the idea you actually have a job and flag your benefits if you don't report any earnings. Or worse still think you aren't able and available for "suitable work".

Lea, if you aren't being paid .. except conditionally, I don't think you are an employee. I would question what the money you are receiving is considered, by whomever is paying it.

Your situation makes me see the potential for Florida to assume enough, incorrectly, that they might find a way to halt your benefits if they think you are restricting your availability or not searching for suitable work or not reporting earnings correctly.

I apologize I can't be more helpful except to tell you .. BE CAREFUL!


PS If you get a clear cut answer .. please let us all know:)

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