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I just started a new job after being let go from another company, can I still get unemployment benefits if I quit?

by Linda

I live in Michigan and the reason for me asking this question is because I have worked since I have been 15 and never collected unemployment until about 3-4 weeks ago when I was permanently laid off due to the economy and I was granted unemployment. Then I found a full time job but it is going not so well. No one will train or help me with anything even though I have asked several times and I am not doing the job I was hired to do. No one wants to share their job with me and the environment is not friendly at all. Can someone help. If I quit, will I be disqualified for unemployment in MI?


Hi Linda,

I'm glad you're asking before you quit. I don't think many people realize that they should give careful thought to the jobs they apply for while collecting unemployment. Most people are desperate to get back to work because working provides a great deal of purpose in our lives and when the purpose is suddenly removed .. we're lost.

But we really need to be aware of what is "suitable work" and what our state says about this subject.

When we are collecting unemployment, to remain eligible for continuing benefits we should acquaint ourselves with the statutes regarding "refusal of work". Many states actually have requirements that change what is suitable depending on the length of your unemployment.

Your situation is a matter of proving now that the work is unsuitable, because I don't think what you're telling me as the reason for wanting to quit would be seen as rising to the level of quitting with good cause attributable to the work. I could be wrong, but you'll have to make that decision for yourself.

A couple good places to start, so you can get some better information would be Michigan's digest of UI decisions and

UIA's attempt at providing information.

And page seven of the Nonmonetary Eligibility PDF Page seven references some minimum and maximum time limits by Michigan that have to do with when a claimant can leave unsuitable work.

While you're perusing those decisions found in the digest, concentrate on the ones which address reasons which make a job unsuitable.

Let me know if you have any questions about information that you find.


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