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I live in Arkansas, I want to know can I refile for unemployment even though I was turned down on an appeal?

by Kristie
(jonesboro, arkansas)

I worked for a a company that owned rental property (apts) I ran a 240 unit property, which they have many more in other states. The company gave incentives to be full, collected, and deposits to cover next month move outs and you would receive bonuses, that was all good until they had our buildings painted and they said we were in the red then. I received my bonuses until that happened that's when they decided I didn't qualify for my bonus and wouldn't give me reasons of why I didn't which I continued to fight for for 2 months they still wouldn't give me my bonus. This job was a live onsite 24-7 job you had no life besides that job so when they started taking my money I talked til I was blue in the face with supervisor and corp. til I couldn't take it anymore so I quit I say I was constuctively discharged. Do you think i'm eligible?


Do you realize that the "title" or question you asked has absolutely no relationship to what you related in your details?

Absolutely, none.

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