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I live in Ca, does a pell grant affect my unemployment status

by Brad
(escondido ca usa)

I have been collecting UI for approx 16 months and have

applied for a pell grant to go back to school to be re trained as an x ray tech. Does this affect my benefits?
Also how do I fill out the weekly forms to my benefit.

Hi Brad,

Attending school or training may raise questions about one of the eligibility requirements to keep getting benefits is you must be able and available.

Each state administers their own programs in compliance with the federal guidelines .. which make this issue just like any other "state specific". In other words you only need to concern yourself now with whether California allows for payment of UI benefits while attending school within the normal times you must be able and available to accept suitable work.

They have workshops to address this and if I'm not mistaken you are required to attend.

If you've applied for a Pell Grant it is usually provided under the "Workforce Investment Act" (WIA) which does allow for suspension of being able and available. It would be the people at a workforce center that could tell you how to fill out the claim form, but I believe you must still be able and available until you are approved and going to school.

If the eligibility requirement is suspended .. you should be notified by the state what you need to do to maintain benefits by filling out the form correctly.

California Training Benefits (CTB)

If the training or school is "state approved" the possibility is good that getting a pell grant could effect your unemployment status, but the decision making process for how training benefits are approved is not anything I claim to know more about than anyone else.

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