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I live In california can i move to another state (georgia) and continue unemployment?

by Shawn
(Los Angeles Ca)

My wife and i live in Los Angeles and have been having a hard time lately.... We were both laid off from our jobs, and a week before that we found out we are having our first child. We are desperately seeking work here but it is seeming pretty impossible. Especially with a kiddo on the way. My question is, if we move to Atlanta Ga. to be closer to our families, can we still collect California unemployment? And also if we can... does our rate change to Ga rates? Any light you could shed on this i would greatly appreciate...

thank you

Hi Shawn,

You should still be able to collect California unemployment at the California benefit payment because California is the paying state. You will also be required to register for work in Georgia and conduct your work search per Georgia's requirements.

I think Georgia may require you to report "in person" periodically .. I'm not for certain, but as with all thing unemployment the "work search" varies state to state.

A word of caution though. I recently had a visitor who moved from California to Illinois for the same reasons you are thinking of moving.

She did everything properly per California with regard to changing her address etc.

This apparently raised an issue which prompted California to investigate an A&A issue (able and available) which in turn prompted me to head over to the California Eligibility Guide and read AA150.

You should too .. just so you know.

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Jan 06, 2015
Can you what?
by: Chris

It's not a matter of if you can notify California that you have moved to Oregon, but why you haven't already done so .. and registered for work through Oregon.

Besides, if you are still trying to get benefits from California how would they be able to notify you of whether you do get benefits, or not if they don't know where to send the determination!!

Jan 06, 2015
I moved from California to Oregon
by: Dianna

I have moved from California to Oregon recently. I'm still trying to get my benefits from California. Can I let them know that I've moved and still be able to receive my benefits from California. Whenever i get approved or before.

Sep 12, 2012
I am currently receiving unemployment in Ca and I am moving to Mn, what should i do to continue receiving it?
by: Samantha

Hi... I am currently receiving my 2nd tier unemployment and living in California. I've been searching for work since i found out i was laid off and been having no luck. I. will be moving to Minnesota in a couple months due to financial situations and i will be closer to family. Will i be able to contnue my 2nd and going to be 3rd tier there? If so, how and what would i do?

Moving while collecting benefits only presents a problem if the state your receiving benefits from has a locality provision .. or during that week you move .. because moving often makes a person not able and available in that week.

Don't forget to change your address with the EDD and when filing for benefits for the week you moved .. know and understand what able and available means .. because it is not unheard of for unemployment to investigate a claim when they noticed you moved .. especially to another state and you claimed you were able and available and looking for a job to accept in that week.


Oct 14, 2009
So what happened?
by: Anonymous

I am curious as to what happened after you moved to Atlanta, GA. As I am facing the same problem. thanks.

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