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I live in fl. can they take away unemployment

by Char Arrington
(lakeland fl usa)

Hello, I have got one check so far, I got a janitor license trying to get some work. I made 40 and 110 and told them at the unemployment web site. I thought a check was coming and did not. They stopped my checks because I earned $150.00 in a 2 week period. Also something about getting a license also. Do I need to void my cleaning license or don't do any thing about it. I need the money to take care of my family. I get $275.00 a week. Please help me with how to correct this problem so I can feed my family and pay the bills. They told me it had to go to a committee to see if still able to get a check anymore. Thanks Char

Hi Char,

I have no idea whether you earned the money from covered employment .. or through self employment.

But, if the janitorial work is a job covered by unemployment insurance then here's how those partial part-time wages should play out.

Any week in which you work less than full-time and earn less than your weekly benefit amount the state of Florida will first disregard 8 x times the federal minimum wage from your earnings.

Then they begin reducing the amount in excess of that from your benefit amount, dollar for dollar to arrive at the partial unemployment benefit amount for the same week you earned the wages in.

Currently the federal minimum wage is 6.55 until July 24, 2009 at which time it will become 7.25

Eight times 6.55= 52.40

I don't see how $40, or %110 would stop benefits in any week .. unless the state thinks you're self employed.

Committee? What committee?

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back payments
by: Anonymous

If they stop your unemployment and start paying again do you get the back pay also or is it like starting over?


Depends on why they stopped paying and why they began paying again .. which is always a matter of identifying the issue .. which is always central to the last determination or hearing decision regarding the claim.


Massachusetts unemployment entitlement if you live and work in Florida.
by: AJ

I was let go on 5/2/09 from my job here in FL - I'm from New England and came down here for the job - the Co. (based in Massachusetts) paid all of the moving fees as per our agreement . When I was let go in 9/06 from my previous job (again the company was based in MA)I was living in NH and the stores I managed were in MA and NH and I was collecting the maximum amount allowed in MA at that time which was $575 per week in unemployment benefits for 26 weeks. Part of my severance agreement with the company was that they would not contest my unemployment. I was quite surprised to find the max I could collect in FL is $275 as opposed to $575 in MA! Before I try to collect in FL is their any way for me to be able to in MA? Again, the CO is physically based in MA and my checks are mailed to me from Massachusetts. Your help would be truly appreciated!


Hi AJ,

Up until January of 2009 people trekked from other states to Massachusetts .. just to get MA weekly benefit amounts, but in January of this year the loophole was closed which allowed a person with wages in a different state to collect sometimes double in Mass.

The problem with this used to be one of the biggest unemployment mysteries .. I could never get an answer to .. from any UI "expert" while I worked as a hearing coord.

It just never made sense to me why this was allowed .. given that employers paying their UI tax experience rate on .. let's say a Florida wage base might have former employees, still residents of FL collecting benefits based on Massachusetts wage base .. which is generally, double Florida puny base to arrive at a max of $275.

So an answer you might explore .. would be to verify which state was paid the UI taxes on the bulk of wages in your base period .. because that should be the liable state to pay benefits and the unemployment laws controlling the claim.

by: Anonymous

My company is in the process of lay-offs. If I make 43,000 each year, what would my unemployment be if I can't find another job? Thank to anyone with answers during this stressful time.

How much will my weekly unemployment be?
by: Chris - (webmaster:)

Hi Anonymous,

I have provided a resource for anyone, in any state to use. Most will be able to figure out how much their weekly benefits will be. I say most .. because some are more mathematically challenged than others.

However, considering that you made 43,000 a year .. you should be entitled to the max Florida benefit of 275 dollars a week.

Ready to celebrate?


by: DJ UH-OH

i was fired drom my job and was granted unemployment for 275.00 a week i got a job doing stucco making a whopping 8.00 an hour but the company doesnt have much work so i at the most work 24 hours a week so really it makes more sense to just collect my unemployment instead of work here they stopped my benefits to investigate my new job and are telling me this could take 4 to 6 weeks meanwhile my bills are stacking up what do i do i need my unemployment check today please help

Yes, they can do that .. use one of the search bars on this site and enter "does the separation from subsequent work stop benefits?"

See if you can some of the many warning type answers I already given on this issue .. which by the way, the issue is a voluntary quit without good cause because you could have been collecting partial benefits if you were making less than 275 gross.

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